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Obama Runtz weed (THC25%)

Obama Runtz weed
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Basic Information About Obama Runtz weed Strain  |obama Runtz weed THC level

Obama Runtz weed is an unconfirmed strain from the east coast that appeared in mid-2020, thought to be a combination of Afghani and OG Kush.

Obama Runtz is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s a three-way combination of Runtz, Afghani, and OG Kush. The original breeder is unknown.

Online sources indicate this may be a distant relative of the like-named Obama Kush, but no cultivator or breeder has come forth to officially claim the strain or confirm its lineage.


The top reported aromas of Obama Runtz are cherries, earth, and flowers. It’s said to taste similar with added notes of berry and spicy wood.

How did the Obama Runtz  weed name come about and at what price can I find it in my Country

Former President Barack Obama’s name began trending on Wednesday morning, and it’s probably not for the reason that you’d expect. A new cannabis strain “Obama Runtz weed” has been discovered on an online marijuana website, and it is high in demand relative to supply.

Take it or not, this isn’t the first time that Obama’s name has been associated with the drug—there’s been a weed strain called “Obama Kush” for some time. But “Runtz” is different, and it’s got people talking online, whether they’re smokers or not.

Effects of the Obama runts marijuana strain | How strong  is the THC level of this Cannabis Strain

The right audience for Obama Runtz weed finds themselves suffering regularly from:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression

With Obama, you’ll be ready for a calm state of happiness as well as a state of total sleep, even if you suffer from insomnia.

On Obama, you’ll be full of the cerebral rush of chatting it up with a great friend. Thankfully, the plant version is easier to find than the real thing. For a strain that started life as a viral video, the Obama Runtz strain has become as popular for its medicinal effects as for borrowing one of the most famous names in the world.

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