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Disposable vape pen Pineapple



Get an easy way to take CBD 🙂 It’s possible with the disposable vape pen!

E-njoint’s handy cannabidiol (CBD) vape pen offers a delicious pineapple flavor without nicotine.

  • Contains ± 300 puffs.
  • Has a delicious pineapple flavor
  • Nicotine free
  • 5% CBD that is 5mg per intake
  • Nice but not stoned
  • THC free

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 Disposable Vape Pen:

Disposable vape pen Pineapple

When you buy vape pens are good because of its potential for healing and wellness. When you buy vape pens be it for pain relief, anxiety management, better sleep, or another issue, research suggests that in Pineapple Express  Vape Oil may help. It offers many of the same therapeutic benefits of marijuana but without the side effect of getting high.Disposable Vape Pen

WHY 50mg? In a vape pen of this size, 50mg is the sweet spot of intermediate potency that should satisfy most customers. If you’re seeking a more powerful concentration, you may wish to move up to our CBD vape juices that range from 250mg – 1000mg per bottle.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You want to enjoy a premium  product that’s loaded with terpenes and easy to take with you anywhere! Evoking the unmistakable flavor of the world-renowned Pineapple Express cannabis strain, this vape pen manages to be both refreshing and exhilarating — each and every hit! Better yet, thanks to its disposable design and discreet size, you can bring this vape pen with you everywhere you go. Finally, this product has been formulated with “broad-spectrum” , which means you’re getting all the beneficial compounds you want, with less than 0.3% THC mixed in.

WHY CBDFX? Only atfx can you find exceptionally high-quality  that’s organically grown and cleanly extracted. Our CO2 extraction method preserves the integrity of the hemp plant’s biological composition, and keeps you safe by preventing any harsh chemicals from entering your body.  Our terpenes pens are thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories as an added guarantee that we deliver a pure, effective and potent product to our customers.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS?  is a plant-based compound that’s not known to cause any serious side effects. The most commonly reported side effects are mild drowsiness and occasional dry mouth.


  • 50mg  per pen
  • Organically farmed, broad spectrum
  • No charging required
  • Travel-friendly and disposable

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