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Beboe’s Cannabis Pastilles



Cannabis Pastilles

A candied companion to the inspired sativa blend vaporizer pen, our pastilles are crafted with the finest organic ingredients using  cold water processing to provide a clean , subtle, euphoric high



Beboe is a producer of upscale cannabis products, including a pre-filled single-use vaporizer and cannabis pastilles that include a blend of THC, CBD and a “natural accelerant for timely absorption.” Other organic ingredients in the pastilles include maple sugar, tapioca, brown rice hull and grape dextrose.

For use, Beboe notes that the pastilles can be consumed at any time of the day and boast an “intoxicating effect.” A $25 tin of these cannabis pastilles from Beboe includes 25 individual pieces.

As the recreational use of cannabis becomes legalized in select parts of the world, some consumers are looking to partake by trying luxury lifestyle products, including everything from high-end cannabis-infused body lotions to beverages and nectars.

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